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In January 1968, a half a century ago, the legendary Iron Butterfly released their first album titled, “Heavy”.  That album contained the song Iron Butterfly Theme that many consider to be ground zero for the beginning of heavy metal music.

Thankfully, four of the five members of the Iron Butterfly who played on that album are still with us. Here is what they are up to:

Danny Weis – Guitarist – Still very much active in  music and playing regularly in Ontario. Check out his FB page for updates.


Doug Ingle – Keyboard, Vocals – The creative force behind the Iron Butterfly, Doug currently is not performing live.

Jerry Penrod – Bass – Jerry retired a couple years ago after a career as a transit driver in California. We have made contact with him recently and hope he will give us an  interview in the future.

Ron Bushy – Drums – Drummer extraordinaire Ron is making a good recovery from illness and along with Mike Green control the legal trademark for the Iron Butterfly name. He can be contacted through our Official IB Facebook  page. We will forward your message on to him.  https://www.facebook.com/IronButterflyOfficial/

Darryl DeLoach – Vocalist – Unfortunately Darryl is no longer with us. He died in 2002.

Thanks to the members of the Heavy Album for bringing us such a classic piece of rock history.


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